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Aircraft sales

Do you want to sell your aircraft quickly and avoid any discomfort during sale processes (Aviation Authority, Taxis, Customs, export Certificate, etc.);

Do you want to sell your aircraft in the best value in international aviation market;

Greek Airman S.A. has a mechanism to promote the sale of your aircraft in the European and U.S. markets.

An experienced appraiser will value and photograph your aircraft. You will a simple agreement with our company.

There are no surprises and payments in advance. We will take our fee after the sale completion.

Aircraft purchase

You want to buy an aircraft but do not know how. Think! "I will ask a friend, he a pilot, he will know something about"; you will make a big mistake if you of ask him.

Ask Greek Airman S.A. has the experience and knowledge to answer all your questions:

-Aircraft selection - what do you want to make with it;

-Find the best aircraft relevant to the Budget

-Visual inspection by experienced pilots and technicians

-Arrangement with sellers

-Export and ferry flight

-Import - Registration - Airworthiness Certificate

-Insurance - Technical Support Organization (CAMO, Part 145)

-Flying Crew and training on type (if it is necessary)

· -Do you want for all these to miss your sleep??

· -Leave all the above to us.

Call us to discuss your needs to find the best aircraft for you.

A techno-economic project will be able to answer your questions and your dream will become true.

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