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Welcome to GREEK AIRMAN SA and we are at your disposal to satisfy your any aviation demand.

Greek Airman s.a is a family company and established from 2007. It possesses Flight Training Certificate and Aerial Work Operator Certificate.

Our sensitivity for safety and the compliance with regulations and directives require very high standards, which we kept permanently.

The company's headquarters is the city of Megara, on Airport Pachis Megara with property Hangar "Yellow Hangar". The conducts of any kind are theoretical training in classrooms with many models (Mockups), display systems, instruments, maps and, very soon with the system distance learning method.

Flight simulators airplane and helicopter, soon, will be are available to students and graduates pilots for training.

Our helicopter flight training courses are adjusted to fit each individual. The training can be done during a longer period or as intensive training.

The theoretical training is modular with your practical flight training. We offer a wide range of training courses from PPL to CPL and type ratings in various aircraft types as well as Flight Instructor Courses.
Should you require accommodation, our staff will gladly assist you. We have onsite student accommodation available at the Megara city, near Athens (western 45 Km and 35 minutes) from the center.
The training in Greece offers a low cost environment where there are no additional landings fees, route or navigation fees. The MEGARA (LGMG) airport is in controlled airspace so you will quickly learn correct radio procedures. Greece also has plenty of free airspace (Class G) where you really can enjoy the flying. The local environment is ideal for real helicopter training with 300 flying days in the year, offering many confined areas and off airfield landings.

Operating hours of airport are daytime for VFR flight. It's the cheapest airport in Greece with no handling fee, no landing and parking aircraft, no navigation charge and has:

Administrative Services

Weather Service Bureau
Parking Land
Tower AFIS equipped with:
NDB (only for training)
Aircraft Fuel: AVGAS 100LL, JET A1 (except Monday)
Business for aircraft maintenance, etc.

We openly welcome and encourage foreign students to join us for first class training.


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