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Safety is a core value within our operations. As a training facility it is our responsibility to instill a safety conscious attitude among the young pilots we influence. This attitude will carry on with our students as they enter the workforce, and in this way our safety culture is an important foundation for the rest of the aviation industry. We must strive to make continuous safety improvements and excellence an integral part of all our activities.

All personnel are responsible and accountable for their actions and safety performance, starting with myself as Accountable Manager. I endorse all personnel to think and work safely at all times, regardless of any real or perceived pressures to do otherwise.

Greek Airman’s policy is to apply a Safety Management Systems approach to all activities in order to prevent accidents, to eliminate damage to equipment and property, to eliminate injury to personnel and to work diligently towards reducing safety incidents and hazards.

It is Greek Airman’s policy to comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding safety in the workplace. Greek Airman supports the best aviation industry practices regarding safety and intends to provide all its members with a safe and healthy working environment.


Mr. Dimitrios Leventis

Vice-President & Accountable Manager



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